TIS Computer Club News

Future TIS Computer Club Meetings

We had a great response to our pilot TIS CC meetings. We plan to continue to meet on Mondays starting 3/31/08 after school. You can pick up your children anytime between 4:30 and 5:00pm in the Lower School computer lab.

TIS Computer Club on the Web!

The members of the TIS Computer Club will be participating in a wiki for the purposes of sharing ideas, communicating about computer club topics, publishing projects, and learning more about Digital Citizenship. The wiki provides the ability for Computer Club members to add and edit information, participate in online discussions, and send wiki messages to club members.

Digital Citizenship and Internet Safety

The TISCC facilitators will make every reasonable effort to monitor conduct on the computer club wiki in order to maintain a positive learning community.
We can only monitor your child's activities on the CC wiki and during CC meetings. We want to remind parents that we are not monitoring your child's overall computer activities outside the CC.

We encourage parents to contact us with any questions or comments.

Tonya Witherspoon
Cell: 789-5268

Curt Gridley
Cell: 648-6293